Your production DESERVES the BEST money props. Specially designed by the highest rated prop money company in USA. TRUSTED & highly ACCREDITED by the film industry & film industry professionals.

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Production Props & Media Designs & PROPMOVIEMONEY.COM is the largest and most used prop money company in USA that designs the best cinematic money props for Film, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, On and OFF Broadway, Advertising and Photography for all the Hollywood Studios, NY and Independent production companies worldwide. We are proudly rated as the top, most used and best production prop money company in USA and trusted by the film industry and industry professionals. Our realistic and cinematic prop money is specially designed and color graded by highly experienced professional graphic artists, award winning filmmakers and cinematographers focusing on details and quality for the best on camera look and realism. Each of our prop money bill is printed with the highest quality ink on the highest quality paper and cut with precision using modern high end equipment. What you get is the highest quality, detail and the most on camera realistic prop money for your production.
With over 20 years of experience in film production, photography and graphic designs we truly understand the importance of time within your production schedule. We also specialize on creating custom designed prop money for your production or advertising needs. Our facility always carries a large inventory from single stacks to large pallets. No order of prop money is too large for us to handle. From bank vaults to arenas we can fill any space in your production set.


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