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3 of the Most Well-Known Movie Props

3 of the Most Well-Known Movie Props

Movie props can undoubtedly make or break a film. They help set the scene, add to character development, and sometimes, they just look really cool. Some props have become so iconic that everyone knows what they are — so what are some of the most well-known movie props?

Indiana Jones’ Bullwhip

Throughout the Indiana Jones movies, there is one prop that remains constant: a bullwhip. The bullwhip was actually written into the first movie without the intention of it becoming as important to Indiana’s identity as it did. But once it was put into the first movie, it stuck. Throughout the films, there were more than 30 different whips used, all varying in materials and lengths. The one Indy sported most often was 10 feet long. Over the years, some of the whips have been sold — one collector bought a whip for around $200,000. And it’s no doubt that when as far as film props are concerned, Indiana Jones’ whip is no less than iconic.

Lightsabers from Star Wars

When people think of fake movie props, they usually think of weapons, like guns and knives. But one weapon that is truly infamous is the lightsaber. While these weapons were way ahead of their time and seemed immensely high-tech, the original lightsaber only cost about 12$ to make, consisting of very basic objects put together. Lightsabers came in a variety of colors and types, featuring different details throughout the Star Wars movies. But no matter what size or color lightsabers come in, every Star Wars fan wants one.

The Hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II

Hoverboards, while previously introduced, were popularized by the Back to the Future films. In a film that features a wide variety of fake movie props from different periods of time, the hoverboard Marty rides was a hit. The director of the films even joked about hoverboards being real in an interview, which led fans to actively look to buy one. But while hoverboards have yet to make their appearance in the real world, owning a Back to the Future hoverboard will remain a dream.

Movie props are ever changing and becoming better and more realistic with the help of today’s technology. But no matter how great props get, they’ll never beat these ones.

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