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3 Truly Iconic Movie Props

3 Truly Iconic Movie Props

It’s no secret that props can make or break a movie. This may be why there are some truly iconic and amazing props that stand out from the rest. There seems to be an endless list of film props, especially with 270 types and 2,000 sub-types of just custom prop money being produced between 1970 and 2000 alone. But let’s take a look at a few props that are simple yet always a fan-favorite.

Lightsabers from Star Wars

The Jedi weapon is one of the most iconic film props. Despite the lightsaber in the original film costing only about $12 to make, lightsabers remain a fan favorite even today. With glowing colors and fun sound effects, this prop is definitely iconic. Lightsabers play a critical role throughout the Star Wars series, especially when it comes to an exciting duel between good and evil. The original lightsabers were made out of a random handle found in a camera shop and projection material placed in a wooden dowel — and the simplicity of these film props make them all the better.

The Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters

When it comes to movie props, few can compare to the awesomeness that was the ghost trap featured in the Ghostbusters films. Unlike some props in other movies, this ghost trap was actually relatively simple. Made out of some metal and a few other lighter materials, this ghost trap was put together with ease. The filmmakers wanted it to be simple because it had to look like the Ghostbusters actually made it. While other science fiction movies moved towards sleeker designs for their props, Ghostbusters kept it real and used something that looked like anyone could make. And even today, the ghost trap remains an unforgettable prop.

Mockingjay Pin from The Hunger Games

There’s something so special about seeing a book come to life on the big screen. And when The Hunger Games was released in theaters, it already had a massive following. While the entire series is amazing in itself, there was one prop in the films that truly stood out and made a statement: the mockingjay pin. The mockingjay pin plays a pivotal role in all of the films. Not only does it serve as Katniss’ tribute token in the Hunger Games, but it comes to serve as a symbol for the rebellion to the Capitol. Throughout the film, this one little pin brings people together and becomes a symbol of hope.

Props are crucial for storyline, place-setting, and so many more aspects of films. And these few props may have been pretty simple, but they really stood out and caught the viewers’ attention.

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