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Prop Movie Money Founder Featured on The Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Prop Movie Money's Founder, Daniel Columbie, was featured on The Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast with Alex Quin. Daniel discusses the beginnings of our company, Prop Movie Money, and how this unusual opportunity came about of making fake prop money into a life-transforming business opportunity. We've come a long way from working with industry leaders like Netflix, Warner Bros., Marvel, and more. We've also been featured in video productions like Narcos, Hustlers, Ozark, and many more.

In this conversation, Daniel Columbie and Alex Quin shared the following wisdom nuggets:

  • How to turn a one-time opportunity into money maker
  • Keeping your ego out of your progress
  • Why persisting and failure are the keys to growing as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between a boss mentality and a leader mentality
  • Why you need to learn and listen from everyone that crosses your path
  • How to pay it forward in a big way

Check out the episode now and let us know if you tune in!

Prop Movie Money

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