How Is Technology Changing Movie Props?

It’s true that CGI and animation have come a long way. But animation isn’t the only technology on the digital frontier that has changed the way movies are made.

Advanced technology has also changed the way we make movie props and interact with them for a more realistic storytelling experience. But how exactly have movie props changed in the last few years?

3D printing

3D printing is one of the most influential technology developments for concept artists and production design. Production designers can use CGI to create the props they need and print out the props directly using computer-aided design (CAD) software and 3D printing.

This is especially beneficial because 3D printing offers sophisticated levels of detail so that intricate props can be made without taking hours of time designing the prop and then creating it by hand. 3D printing can be used to print superhero masks, fake money for crime scenes, and even armor.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality offers many new advantages for designers, especially set designers. Set designers can see their designs as if they’re already built so they can identify concepts that need to be changed or corrected before anyone touches the building tools.

Virtual reality also gives designers the ability to show the director the full-set environment with props before it’s been completely built.

Depth sensors

Depth sensors have revolutionized 3D motion capture by making it less complex and less expensive. This gives directors and production designers the ability to create CGI-video hybrid scenes that line up perfectly with the film’s action and its characters.

Depth sensors can also help with the development of animated films and give designers the ability to explore new ways to tell a story.

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