Three Things To Look For In A Prop Money Company

With more than 120 years under its belt, Hollywood is the oldest film industry in the world, and it also holds the title of the largest film industry in terms of revenue. This exciting industry continues to draw tons of young, aspiring individuals into the world of film. An industry this old has a trick or two up its sleeve as well, but those young individuals may not have all those tricks memorized just yet.

One fascinating part of Hollywood is the use of prop money in movies. You’ve probably seen dozens of movies where prop money was featured without realizing it; after all, those big-time millionaires don’t just throw around strips of paper. There’s quite a market for fake money, but not all companies are the same. The quality of your movie props can vary from company to company and in some films, absolute attention to detail is a necessity. It simply won’t do to have a movie prop that looks good enough; that tender has to be spot-on.

Not every movie is after U.S. currency, either, so finding the right prop company for your fake money can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the industry. Let’s review three crucial things a good prop company should have in making money solely designed for films.

Customization Options

Say you’ve been tasked with researching ancient civilizations- how people walked, talked, dressed, ate. The money this ancient civilization used is going to be vastly different from any modern money. Or perhaps you’re working on a sci-fi film and you need to come up with a design for paper money used in a scene with aliens. The right prop money company should have a range of customization options as well as common currency designs for you to choose from or have input in designing.

Legal Knowledge

There are a host of rules surrounding the production of prop money, so the company you work with should have a deep and thorough knowledge of all the legalities surrounding the production and use of fake money. It’s always best to do your research to ensure that you’re working with a company that follows the rules as well as give yourself a bit of insight into these sometimes tricky legalities. You need to know that the prop money you order isn’t going to land you or your colleagues in hot water so that you can focus your efforts on your work, and you should work with a company that has experience in this area.


Speaking of experience, working with a company that knows what they are doing will make your job so much easier. If you have questions, this company should be able to answer them thoroughly. If you have problems, this company should have accessible helplines to get your issue sorted out as soon as possible.

Choosing the right prop money company can have an enormous impact on your Hollywood career. It may take a few trials and errors before you find a company that you enjoy working with, but taking the time to ponder a few important points before settling with one company can help make the process a bit easier, and give you valuable experience as you start your career.

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