What Makes Horror Movies Scary?

Over the past 121 years, Hollywood has grown rapidly, becoming the amazing film industry it is today. And within Hollywood, there are so many different genres of movies and TV shows. One genre that never fails to get viewers’ adrenaline rushing is horror. But how do film directors and producers actually make horror movies scary? Let’s take a look at a few factors that cause fear in those who watch horror movies.

Spooky settings:The setting a horror movie takes place in plays an integral role in making the film scary. Common settings for horror movies include the woods, cemeteries, swamps, run-down or abandoned buildings, and haunted locations. When a movie takes place in a scary setting, it’s immediately going to put the viewer on edge. Settings can also play into peoples’ fears, like a fear of the dark or ghosts. All in all, a spooky setting is a must-have for a horror flick.

Petrifying props:Fake movie props are essential for any film, but especially in the horror genre. In horror movies, film props can include weapons, tombstones, chains, and even creepy bugs and snakes. These props can be used as part of a set to create a scary atmosphere or be carried by characters, usually the person doing the scaring. Either way, fake movie props are needed to make people feel fear.

Nerve-racking noises:Visual effects aren’t the only important element in movies — sounds play an important role, too. This is especially true in horror movies. Sounds, like a creaking door, a cracking stick in the woods, and even suspenseful music all add to the overall uneasiness horror movies create. Without these scary noises and music, the suspense of the film would be significantly lower. Having the right sounds can keep viewers on the edge of their seats and their hearts racing.

Like with all movies, there are several elements that all come together to make a scary movie great. But these few aspects are some of the most important and without them, horror movies simply wouldn’t be scary. So the next time you’re watching a horror movie, try to pick out a few elements that you notice help add to the scariness.

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