Is Prop Money Illegal?

If you are a die-hard fan of the show Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Mr. Robot or From Dusk till Dawn then the chances are that you have most probably seen our Prop Movie Money being used on screen. 


What is Prop Money?   

Prop Money often referred to as fake money bills used are by filmmakers in movies. Our company has become the number one source for prop money used in Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and even story-tellers across the world.


Our Official Industry Standard Prop Money can only be used for filming on camera for TV, films, photography, training and media productions. The notes will not pass as real currency, and it is illegal to have prop money off-camera for use in real life. Prop money can’t also be modified to look absolutely like real currency, like removing for "Motion Pictures Use Only" or the Prop Movie Money signature.


Is Prop Money Illegal 

Our prop money is to be used only for Media Marketing, Promotions, Training, or Advertising. It is illegal to use prop money for any other purpose than those stated above. 

Is It Illegal To Have Prop Money?

Each of our prop bills have been clearly marked with the motion picture disclaimer "THIS NOTE IS NOT LEGAL TENDER" and "FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY." It is a criminal and federal offense to use it for purchasing any product or service.

You will, therefore, be arrested and prosecuted if you use prop money to buy any product or try to avail of any service using it. We will also support law enforcement agencies by providing all required information in case of any illegal use of our prop money.



How Is Prop Money Legal?

We have tried to abide by all legal requirements during the production of prop money. Therefore, if you think is prop money illegal? Rest assured that it is completely legal. We want to alleviate your worries by submitting that these prop money bills are not created by scanning real currency or by making photocopies of original money bills.

All the designs of our money bills are done inhouse by our talented graphic designers, and every single element on our prop bills are fictitious. That means all the artwork you see on our money bills, including the serial numbers, buildings, emblems, seals, and other design characters, are all fabricated by us in-house and have no resemblance whatsoever to original currency notes.

Is It Legal To Buy Prop Money?

We have tried to ensure that our prop money clears all legal requirements. If you notice they are designed and cut to be smaller than actual currency. On camera, you won't be able to tell the difference. If you take our New Style $100 Full Print Prop Money Stack, for instance, you will see that it is designed for high-resolution video productions. The textures, colors, and designs are highly comprehensive, reproduced with the highest resolution. 

However, they won't have a working hologram, and the color will be a shade lighter than real currency. This is for the ease of post-editing as well as color correction work. We, however, reserve the right to refuse or deny service to anyone if we doubt your intentions.


Is Prop Money Illegal To Own?

As long as our prop money is being used only for films and television shows or other video productions, you can own prop money. But using our prop bills to deceive someone willfully is illegal. As can be seen, the pictures of Presidents are replaced by fictional cartoon characters and other comic characters.

We also print the words “FOR MOTION PICTURE” underneath the characters. In our New Series $100s Aged $10,000 Full Print Prop Money Stack, you will find that the bills are specially designed to have a torn and damaged look and don't have any elements to make them resemble original United States currency.

Is Motion Picture Money Illegal?

We have ensured that our prop money has no resemblance to real-life currency notes. Possession of our movie prop money may not be considered illegal. However, trying to spend the money will be regarded as attempting to pass counterfeit bills. These bills are only supposed to be used for cinema or motion picture purposes.  

We have ensured that our notes will not be used for any illegal purposes by printing “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” round graphic logos, and “THIS NOTE IS NOT LEGAL TENDER” text on both side of the money bills. We have also edited the borders on our prop bills to make them different from real currency, and have not added text stating "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE" on the bills, nor can we add it as a request. 

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