FAQs on the Look, Feel, Cost & Use of the Best Prop Money Available!

Find the answers to our frequently asked questions here.

What is prop money?

Prop money is fake currency that looks and feels like real money on camera. Our realistic prop money stacks are made for filmmakers, artists, and project coordinators as a replacement for real cash in movies, music videos, events, and more. We offer a variety of full print, blank fillers, and custom designs.

What is prop money used for?

Prop money can be used for a wide variety of productions, advertisement campaigns, and live or virtual events including but not limited to movies, film, music videos, business advertising, commercials, conferences, birthday parties, concerts, musicians, DJs, novelty gifts, and training purposes.

What is the meaning of prop money?

The prop money meaning is a shortened version of (theatrical) property, or a moveable item used during a performance by actors that isn’t a part of the scenery or costumes. The first recorded use of the word “props” was in 1841 but “prop” wasn’t used until over 50 years later.

Does prop money feel real?

Prop money is fake money that looks real. Since the props are printed on quality printing paper they do NOT feel like real currency. Our fake money props are meant to be on camera and do not need to feel real to look amazing.

How much is prop money?

You may be wondering how much does prop money cost, but pricing varies depending on the project type and needs of our clients. Prop Movie Money offers a variety of printed prop products and package types. Contact us today for customized pricing for your project or event.

What is the best prop money to buy?

The best prop money to buy is dependent on your project or event. For example, a music video that needed to show fake bills thrown into the air would use full print stacks, while bank heist movie scenes could use a mix of blank filler stacks and full print stacks.

What is the most realistic prop money?

Our most realistic prop money for movies is our aged collections. Some filmmakers who are looking for an extreme close-up shot may use a “hero” prop which places a real bill on top of prop money stacks, though the majority of professionals use our realistic fake money props as-is.

What does prop money look like?

Prop money stacks come in a variety of styles such as full print notes, blank filler prop money, clean prop money stacks, and aged prop money. Our custom fake money is available in all denominations and eras. We also offer custom fake money by our in-house professional graphic design team.

How to age prop money?

We supply pre-aged prop money so that our clients don’t have to worry about aging their own props. Aged prop money gives you that worn, realistic look that will elevate any video project. All our aged prop money is dyed and weathered in-house by our team.

Is it illegal to use real money in movies?

While it is not illegal, in most instances, to use real money in movies there are high risks involved with using large amounts of cash on set such as theft or accident. Our realistic prop money offers the same visual impact on camera as real money in movies.

Can real money be shown on tv?

It is not illegal to show real money on tv, but professional production companies prefer to use fake money that looks real for professional projects, especially for shoots that require a substantial amount of money. It is rare for professional television projects to use real money over realistic prop money.

Is it illegal to show real money on YouTube?

There are no laws or rules against showing real money on the YouTube platform currently. Using real cash for video projects can be risky. Prop money is a safe, financially viable replacement for creators who produce content that requires money.

Can you supply prop money without motion picture text on it?

We go above and beyond to protect our clients by staying up to date with the latest counterfeit laws and rules. No legitimate prop money supplier can legally supply prop money without the “This is not for legal tender” text, or the round “For Motion Picture Use Only” emblems. For an additional fee we can replace this text with your company’s name or customized text if it is within legal limits.

Is motion picture money worth anything?

Motion picture prop money does not have the same financial value as legal currency, but worth goes beyond face value. The worth that high quality prop money brings to a project, film, music video, or event could be considered priceless.

Is motion picture money considered counterfeit?

Motion picture prop money is not counterfeit money if you know where to buy prop money from reputable sources. Purchasing counterfeit prop money can land buyers in legal trouble. All products from Prop Movie Money adhere to strict legal standards so our customers don’t have to worry about legal woes.

Is prop money illegal to own?

Our prop money stacks are 100% legal when used correctly. We have worked directly with government agencies to be certain that our products stay within the legal guidelines for fake money production.

Is it illegal to buy fake money?

Purchasing fake money that is identical to US currency is illegal which is why our prop money products have their own copywritten design that is virtually indistinguishable to real money on camera. We guarantee that our prop money store products are 100% legal.

Where can I get prop money?

Right here! At Prop Movie Money we are ready to fulfill all your prop money needs, big or small. Check out our full print prop money, blank fillers stacks, and custom printed money designs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us today.

Why choose Prop Movie Money for your prop money orders?

Professionalism, Quality, and Excellent Customer Service! Our team of working film directors, editors, photographers, DPs, graphic artist, business and marketing directors have collaborated to create the best looking prop money for your production. With years of experience and the drive for excellence and quality we can say that our prop money designs are the highest quality and most affordable on the market, and our service to our clients is incomparable. And we strive to keep it this way.

How fast do you ship?

Please order according to your shoot date so that you receive your order on time. We are not responsible for delays due to ordering on a short notice unless overnight shipping is arranged. All standard orders are processed and shipped within 1 – 3 business days not including weekends and holidays and shipped right after they are processed. All orders will receive a tracking number for your records after they are shipped. And yes, we monitor all of our orders shipped to make sure you have received them. Our facility ships only Monday – Friday. For urgent over night orders we can arrange shipment with FedEx including Saturday deliveries. All standard orders that are placed on Friday after 4:30pm EST and weekends are processed on Monday and shipped next business day (Tuesday).

I have a shoot tomorrow and need prop money urgently! Can you overnight the order?

Absolutely! We know the crucial times during production. And understand that last minute preparations and decisions happen. We can over night your order via FEDEX or UPS. Buyer is responsible for expedited or overnight shipping cost which we will estimate for you.

What is the difference between full print stacks and filler bundles?

The full print stacks is 100 prints wrapped with a current corresponding bank strap. A filler bundle is 1 print on top, 1 print on the bottom and blank cream filler paper in between wrapped with a current corresponding bank strap. Normally the full prints are used as either close ups or when the prop money is being tossed around when the bank wrap is removed. The filler bundles are normally used as a stand alone prop and remains unwrapped.

Does the hologram on the new style $100 prop bills work?

No. And cannot be created to work as a functional hologram.

Does the ink smear when wet?

NO our high grade ink and heat drying is flawless. We also stain and dirty the props in a water based solution. The prop bills can get wet and the ink will not ever smear.

How much is shipping?

Standard priority shipping within the U.S.A. is free for orders of 1 million in prop money or less. International shipping is subject to international shipping fees which is the responsibility of the buyer. Please note that ground shipping may be delayed due to holidays, weather or USPS services within your area. If you have a deadline on your production please order at an appropriate time so that you get your prop money on time. We are not responsible for post office delays or holiday delays.

How do I pay for my prop money order?

All payments are processed through PayPal or with a credit card or debt card through our secure website. Please note, due to strict security reasons we do not accept personal checks, company checks, money orders, cashier checks, bank transfers, credit card payments over the phone or store credit card information as a request. PLEASE NOTE: E Check transactions trough PayPal must me completed and cleared prior to us mailing items to the buyer.

What is the max space you can fill with your prop money?

From briefcases to vans. From vaults to stadiums. There is no limit on how much prop money we can send. All we would need is the full dimensions of the area you are filling with prop money, and we will give you an estimate with how much prop money you will need.

How will I know how much prop money I will need to fill the space that I am filming or photographing?

A measuring tape will do the trick. Just measure by inches the height, length and depth of the space you are needing to fill with prop money and email it to us. We will then provide you with information on how many stacks you will need to fill the designated space.

How detailed is your prop money?

Our prop money is specially made to keep up with the fast growing high definition media. The details are very sharp and colors are specially made to transfer the best on HD cameras, film cameras, and photography cameras. The colors are clean and clear, not over or under contrasted so that you can have full control in post production when you are color correcting your scenes or photographs.

Do you custom design prop money for a production?

Of course! For a fee our team of professional graphic artists can design any kind of prints. All we need is a sample or we can collaborate it with you. Please note that request for prints that can pass as real currency to deceive a person in an unlawful manner will be quickly rejected.

Can you remove your emblems and "This Note Is Not For Legal Tender" logos?

We cannot remove the “This is not for legal tender” text, or the round “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” emblems. Though for a fee we can change the “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” text to your company’s name or customize the text as long as it stays within the legal limits. PMM focuses on keeping the prop money as legal as possible so that you do not have to make the mistake on scanning or printing your own currency. So there are rules that we must keep. For complete details on our prop money click here.

If you have unanswered questions please contact us by clicking here. We will respond to your calls, text and emails ASAP. Yes, ASAP! All of our calls, text and emails are answered in a very timely manner due to how important and time sensitive your production is.