The Stories Behind 3 Iconic Movie Props

Movie props are important to help show the film’s setting, time period, help with character development, and so much more. It seems like all great film props have some amazing stories behind them — even the cheap props, like the originalStar Warslightsaber, which cost about $12 to make. Let’s take a trip through time and look at some of the craziest stories behind some well-known movie props.

The Ruby Slippers:Dorthy’s ruby slippers fromThe Wizard of Ozare one of the most iconic accessories in film history. But they weren’t one of a kind — there were multiple pairs of slippers made for the movie. This was to ensure they would always look shiny and magical on film. Apparently, three pairs are still missing today. One pair was stolen during a robbery at the Judy Garland Museum and no one knows what happened to the other pairs. A reward was set for the missing slippers in 2015 and they’re still being sought after today.

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5:InGoldfinger, Bond drove one of the most famous cars in movie history. And it wasn’t just a prop car — the Aston Martin was equipped with plenty of gear, like bulletproof windows, front fenders with machine guns, and tire cutters in the wheels. And of course, no spy car would be complete without an ejector seat. After all of the fancy gear was installed, the car was estimated at around $4 million. Unfortunately, the car was stolen in 1997 and is still missing to this day.

The One Ring:As the focal point for the entire movie series, the One Ring fromThe Lord of the Ringsmovies is perhaps one of the most famous props. And despite its name, there were actually several rings in varying sizes, including a hand-sized ring used for close-up shots. If you were ever wondering how the ring didn’t bounce around when it was dropped, it was because of the heavy magnet ring inside.

All props have a history — from double sided fake money to hand-sized magnetic rings, there’s always a good story behind a movie prop. Hopefully, you enjoyed learning more about the crazy stories behind some of today’s most iconic props.

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