When Prop Masters Get Creative: 3 Props That Came From General Stores

While you might think the big wigs in Hollywood are rolling in dough, many blockbusters have had to stretch their budget to their limits to create a viable final product. One of the easiest ways to save a few bucks is by relying on general store props and goods.

After all, movie makers have had to create many landscapes with clever camera angles and miniature models made from styrofoam. Creating a movie for a song takes a lot of work, resulting in movie makers getting a little creative in the process. Since name brand products can’t be used, many creative film props were really common goods that were transformed into unique products by repurposing materials or concealing labels.

Here are three film props in popular movies that were actually bought at a general store.

Qui Gon Jinn’s communicator

InStar Wars Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace, prop masters got a little creative as they tried to create a believable science fiction/fantasy universe. One of the most clever movie props was Qui Gon’s communicator. This futuristic device looked high-tech as he spoke with people across the galaxy, but this hand-held tool was actually a women’s razor.

Prop masters were able to transform this piece with a little paint and a few extra pieces of plastic. Not a moviegoer in sight would ever guess that this complex piece of technology was actually a women’s razor picked up from the local general store.

The timer inThe Fifth Element

The Mangalore terrorists were undoubtedly terrifying, but the good guys might have felt a little more at ease should they have realized the bomb timer was only a combination lock with a red LED slapped on the knob.

Luckily, the movie makers were able to keep audience members locked in the futuristic landscape ofThe Fifth Elementwith some clever camera work and a little movie magic.

The signal jammer inV for Vendetta

It isn’t just science fiction movies that have had to utilize creative film props. In the popular filmV for Vendetta, the signal jammer was actually nothing more than a popular reading light in the early 2000s. And this isn’t the first time a reading light has been used in film production. A similar reading light was also used inAvatarto record Jake’s log throughout the movie.

These many film props prove that movies rely on more than double sided fake money to make a film come to life, even if you need prop money to burn. After all, burning actual currency is a crime under 18 USC 333. If you’re looking for the most realistic prop money for your production, rely on Prop Movie Money today.

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