Why Prop Money is Important

There’s no doubt about it, the movie industry is huge. From already established pros to students who are just starting out, everyone wants to “make it big”. What sets professionals apart from novices? The answer is probably simpler than you think: it’s all in the details. We’ve all seen a film that seems to have it all–great story, great cast, but for some reason, it’s lacking. An element that often gets overlooked, but packs a much bigger punch than you’d expect, is the props. Choosing movie props is a key element to making your film look professional.

One of the most common props that get overlooked is something we all usually handle every day: money. There can be a variety of reasons why it’s unrealistic to use real currency in films, from fear of it being lost or stolen, to other reasons that may limit production. For example, if your film needs a shot of money burning, you cannot use real currency. The burning of legitimate currency is a crime under 18 USC 333. This also applies for any mutilation of currency. If you want to nail your shot of the evil villain burning all of the hero’s cash, you’ll need to use prop money.

If your film requires specialty props, finding a company that can help you will make your task of choosing movie props much simpler. This especially applies to prop money, which has a plethora of legal features and requirements that go into it. Reproduced bills must be either less than 75% of more than 150% the size of a real bill, and cannot be double sided, according to the Counterfeit Detection Act of 1992. Digital copies must also have a resolution of 72dpi or less, and, while real money, according to the Secret Service, is made of 25% linen and 75% cotton and embedded with red and blue security fibers, prop money must be printed on high-quality paper that does not feel like real currency.

Sound like a bit of a hassle to make yourself? We think so too. That’s why using a movie prop money house can make choosing movie props so much easier. Finding fake money for sale made specifically for film props is not difficult, and it’s wise to leave it in the hands of the pros so you don’t have to deal with legal features and specifications while trying to focus on your craft. Using a company that has been approved by the Secret Service with copyrighted designs will even up your game, and ensure your movie looks as professional as possible.

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